P.M CHERIAN (75) Macroni Babychayan | Funeral Service |11.02.2019



Pentecostal parents well settled in North America invite proposal for their daughters born and brought up in USA [29/5'8"/ Masters in Health Administration working in Medical IT for University of California Medical School System] [26/5’3”/ BS, working as Software Engineer for a reputed investment firm in US] born again, baptized and mission oriented. Parents of professionally qualified boys from Pentecostal background from US may please respond with details and recent photographs to Jehovahjireh490@gmail.com or call 214-354-6940

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Pastor Shaji K Daniel of Dallas, Texas is inviting proposals for his nephew, who is a born again, spirit filled. He was born in 1993 and is 5’11” tall. He is a Mechanical Engineer, who is currently working in Kuwait. Proposals are invited from the parents of born-again and spirit-filled girls who are US citizens. Please contact by email pastor@agapepeople.org

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