Have we ceased to desire eternity?


Have we ceased to desire eternity?

Achsa Sara Babu

History marked the death of Jesus Christ by dividing the entire era of humankind into two halves, BC and AD. There’s no religion ever wherein the Creator died for His creation. The cross portrayed the fulfillment of God’s righteousness and His love towards us. The simple reason for Christ’s death is this – you and me.

But, have our lives become too comfortable? Have we stopped reminding ourselves of the grace that bought us redemption? Claiming to be 3rd and 4th generation believers, have we despised our salvation?
Introspect, most of our prayers have become reduced to requests for our basic necessities.
Our desires are limited to fulfilling certain milestones kept by society, like education, job, marriage etc, and we call on God for the same.
But, what was our calling for?

God chose us beyond the foundations of the world and predestined us to adoption as His children ( Eph 1:7). In His good pleasure, He has desired to gather us, as one in Christ, in the fullness of time (Eph 1:10).
And He has revealed this to us, through His word and Spirit.
But have we forgotten this and are we pressing on to achieve something, in what we know, as the passing and perishing world?
For we do sing, that we are just pilgrims traveling in this world, and our home is heaven abode. But, are we preparing ourselves for our eternal home?
Or in this Christian race, have we unknowingly or knowingly, stepped onto the side track?
The lukewarm Laodicean church was self sufficient (Rev 3.17). According to them, they were clothed in the best robes, living in all luxury, but God found them naked and blind. God saw right through the flimsy piece of cloth and meagre coins and called out on them. To Him, they weren’t anywhere near His vision of a church.

While the 1st century church boasted in their weakness, their chains, their persecutions. ( 2 Cor 12.10), here we are, in the 21st century, more worried about the seats to fill, the cents of land to buy, or even our treasury. We have forgotten the gospel of repentance, the reason for our true calling, and have focused our eyes, not on the author and finisher of our faith, but heeded to the prince of this world, and let wrong teachings creep into our belief.
If God could choose us even before we were formed within our mother’s womb, doesn’t He also know what we are in need of, and provide for it? Yes, in fact He does. The word says, Seek first the kingdom of God, and all His righteousness, and everything else will be given unto you, according to the measure you need.
For God desires that we renew our minds and be transformed, that we may not be likened to the world. For just the like the world never knew Jesus, they’ll never know us too (1 Jn 3.2).

But, the sorry state of church, is that, we have indulged so much into this world, that we no longer are a boat afloat in waters, but one that’s sinking in it. Beware, for there’ll come a day, when the Lord would say, that He doesn’t know us too (Mat 7.21, Mat 25.11). And, how despicable would that day be, when our own Lord and Saviour would claim that He doesn’t know us.


God is calling out on us too. If we ever have become too comfortable in our lives, too self sufficient in our wisdom or possessions, created a so called path to heaven, preaching a Jesus and gospel, very different from the true one, it’s time to think again. Was this God’s plan for you?
For, let us not consider the long suffering of God as slackness towards His promise (2 Pet 3.9). He is in fact waiting for the day, all would come to repentance. So, unlike the Laodicean church, let’s make our calling and election sure, and let our hearts burn with the desire for eternity. Let us not limit ourselves, or become too cozy in this temporary stay, but let’s run fervently, with zeal, that we may enter the kingdom of God.



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