In His Time!!


In His Time!!

Sajini Cherian Kottayam

It is difficult to anticipate God’s mysterious ways. Most of us fail to be patient with God, wanting whatever we desire immediately.
Trusting God and expecting a miracle immediately is comparatively easier, but waiting for God’s time is difficult, because when God does not act as we intend, or in the time frame we give Him, many of us give up and walk away.

Abraham received a promise from God that he would have a son, but it never materialised until it was biologically impossible. Even though Sarah lost all hope, and laughed when the promise was being confirmed, Abraham still trusted the Lord, and believed that God would honour him. And God indeed did honour His word, but not at the time that everyone anticipated. In the eyes of Abraham and Sarah, God was late, but in reality – He was right on time.

Lazarus and his sisters were good friends of Jesus. So when Lazarus became ill, his family sent word asking Him to come immediately. Strangely though, Jesus decided to stay exactly where He was, and when He finally did go, Lazarus was already dead and entombed. His sisters wept and said that “If only you were on time, our brother would not have died.” Despite their scepticism, Jesus called Lazarus out and presented him to his family. In the eyes of Martha and Mary, Jesus was late, but in reality – He was right on time.

As we struggle with the petty as well as difficult issues of our lives, let us cling to God’s promises. It is true that it is awful and frustrating to wait, yet it is thrilling to walk with God who does supernatural things, beyond our comprehension. Sometimes He allows situations to go over our heads, but God invariably is in control, and will intervene supernaturally in our lives.

He is never late. He is always on time.

Expect a miracle today!


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