As waters that pass away


As waters that pass away

Achsa Sara Babu

A man covered in boils, scrapes his dry broken skin with potsherds. He was once known for his wealth, flocks and herds, but now he sits in the corner of a burnt down house, in total loss.

To him, one comforts in these words, ” Because you would forget your misery, And remember it as waters that have passed away. “(Job 11:16)
What an irony! A man in his total misery and loss, is being comforted with the exact opposite, completely impossible scheme.
How would Job ever think of a possibility where he would gain everything he lost, even before he got to mourn the loss?
Some promises are echoed at the wrong time. In the deepest darkness, there’s the promise of light. Amidst closed doors, a hope of a new way is shown.
And we in our right minds, find it impossible to believe.
It may seem like God is mocking us, showing us what we could have, when we are at an absolute zero.
But what’s impossible in our hearts and minds are made possible by the hand of God.
It takes an extra leap of faith, in deep sorrow and loss, to believe a joy is coming through.
It requires a heart that so adamantly believes that everything works for good in the lives of His children.
And those hearts are the ones that see the miracles of God break through.
And only those burdened hearts, would know how misery flows away as light as water does.
God’s faithful at all times. He’s a firm anchor in the uncharted waters of our lives.
But it takes blind faith to leap into His arms and trust His course, even in the days where troubles seem to never end.

Are we willing to trust like Job did, even in the most uncanny situations, that God’s faithful to fulfill His promise?

ഗുഡ്ന്യൂസിൽ വിവാഹപരസ്യം നല്കുന്നതിനും കാണുന്നതിനും



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