Houston: The English edition of GOODNEWS is set to launch internationally on 15th July, 2020. As a prime Malayalee Pentecostal print media, GOODNEWS recently completed four decades of its valuable service to Malayalee Christians worldwide. The weekly publishing enabled many to utilize their gifts to write articles, poems, and various other forms of literature. The humble beginning within the state of Kerala in Malayalam language soon acclaimed a worldwide readership among the migrant Malayalees settled abroad. As a media platform, it always fostered interchurch ties between Pentecostal Organizations. God’s blessings and support of well-wishers, subscribers, and readers of GOODNEWS have enabled this ministry to reach where it is today.

The new endeavor, ‘GOODNEWS Illuminer’, is a major milestone that is intended to reach a wider readership. The new step aims at shaping the next generation growing up in our churches around the world with spiritual nourishment through literature. This is also an excellent platform for inspired writers under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to articulate and reflect over the current affairs of the world based on the truths of the Word of God.

Along with the leadership of Wesly Mathew, Pastor Joshin John will serve as the Chief Editor and Bonny George as Managing Editor. An editorial board consisting of experienced, qualified, and committed members, from different countries and continents, will lead the publication. GOODNEWS Illuminer will be initially launched as a monthly, with the aim to make it a weekly publication in the near future. The GOODNEWS Managing Board expresses their gratitude to all the supporters and well-wishers, and also appeal to its readers for their sincere prayers and continuing support for this new endeavor which is begun with the intent of bringing God the glory and for the extension of God’s Kingdom.


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