Groom Wanted

പെന്തെക്കോസ്തു യുവതി; B Com, DCA / വരനെ ആവശ്യമുണ്ട് / GN Matrimony 3975

സിറിയൻ ക്രിസ്ത്യൻ പെന്തെക്കോസ്തു യുവതി (24/160cm/DOB: 01/04/1998) B.Com, DCA. വിദേശത്തൊ സ്വദേശത്തൊ ജോലി ഉള്ള പെന്തെക്കോസ്തു യുവാക്കളുടെ മാതാപിതാക്കളിൽ നിന്നും വിവാഹാലോചനകൾ ക്ഷണിക്കുന്നു.
Phone: 99616 36329, 95445 93078

Pentecostal girl; M Com; practicing in CA firm / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3971

Parents invite proposal for their daughter (25 / 154 cm / M Com) currently practicing in a CA firm. Seeking suitable proposals (Brethren / Pentecost) from parents of born again, God-fearing and educated children. If Lord leads please contact / WhatsApp: 9447390079; 9947481403; 9061122095


Pentecostal girl; Canada PR Holder; PharmD, Healthcare, Clinical research / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3970

Pentecostal parents seeking proposal for their daughter, born and brought up in Kerala ( DOB 26/08/1993; 160 cm) Doctor of Pharmacy from Bangalore & Health Care Administration followed by Business Management from Canada. Having Canada PR; also pursuing Clinical Research studies. She will be in Kerala from 1st November for vacation. Seeking suitable proposals from parents of Pentecostal, God fearing and professionally qualified boys. Contact: 00971 522449251 (Whatsapp or BOTIM);
Mob: 8113865978

പെന്തെക്കോസ്തു യുവതി; B.P.T; അപ്പോളോ ഹോസ്പിറ്റലിൽ ഫിസിയോ തെറാപ്പിസ്റ്റ് / വരനെ ആവശ്യമുണ്ട് / GN Matrimony 3867

പെന്തെക്കോസ്ത് യുവതി, (26/165 cm), DOB:08/12/95, B.P. T(Physiotherapist ). ബാംഗ്ലൂർ അപ്പോളോ ഹോസ്പിറ്റലിൽ ജോലി ചെയ്യുന്നു. സ്വദേശത്തോ വിദേശത്തോ ജോലിയുള്ള ആത്മീയരായ യുവാക്കളുടെ മാതാപിതാക്കളിൽ നിന്നും വിവാഹാലോചനകൾ ക്ഷണിക്കുന്നു. ഫോൺ: 95440 53117; 97472 68925

Pentecostal Girl; MBA; Sr. Associate - Sales and Marketing / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3866

Pentecostal (AG) parent inviting proposal for their daughter (30, 164 cm, MBA) working as Sr. Associate - Sales and Marketing in MNC Calicut. Seeking proposals from professionally qualified boys. Contact : 97459 17410.

Pentecostal girl; Post graduate in Management Studies; working in Dubai / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3863

Pentecostal parents in Dubai prayerfully invite proposals for girl (Dec 1993, 150cm, fair) born again, baptised, spirit filled, Postgraduate in Management studies, working in Dubai, born and raised in North India, interested in doing ministry along with job. Seek proposals from the parents of qualified boys with similar spiritual backgrounds. Contact  +971 503074894.

Born again girl; B Sc Nurse, MOU, Saudi / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3860

Hindu converted born again girl (31/163 cm) B Sc Nurse, MOU, Saudi Arabia, expecting alliance from born again Christian from well educated family. Priority for families from Kottayam and Ernakulam. Ph: +919747042045;  8547039843;

പെന്തെക്കോസ്തു യുവതി; MBA; ദുബായിൽ ജോലി / വരനെ ആവശ്യമുണ്ട് / GN Matrimony 3859

ദുബായിൽ Private sector (Administration) ൽ ജോലി ചെയ്യുന്ന സിറിയൻ ക്രിസ്ത്യൻ പെന്തെക്കോസ്തു യുവതി (26/165cm) MBA, UAE ൽ ജോലി ഉള്ള യുവാക്കളുടെ മാതാപിതാക്കളിൽ നിന്നും വിവാഹാലോചനകൾ ക്ഷണിക്കുന്നു.
PH: 00971503954040 (UAE); 00919526956554 (India)

Pentecostal girl; Senior Electronic & Communication Engineer / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3858

Seeking proposals for Pentecostal girl ( 30 / 5'3" ) born again & baptized, working as Senior Electronic and Communication Engineer (B.Tech) with MNC, Bangalore. Looking for a born again and baptized, professionaly qualified boy in India or abroad. If interested please contact. +919544389214.

Pentecostal girl; M Sc Food Technology; Quality Assurance Officer, KINFRA / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3855

Syrian Christian Pentecostal parents invite proposals for their daughter (DOB:02.09.1994 / 162 cm) MSc Food Technology, Medium Complexion, currently working as Quality Assurance Officer KINFRA food processing park. Seeking proposals from parents of God fearing, born again, baptized and professionally qualified boys from India or abroad. Contact no. 9496048043, 9744045284.

പെന്തെക്കോസ്തു സഹോദരിമാർ (ഇരട്ട സഹോദരങ്ങൾ) / വരനെ ആവശ്യമുണ്ട് / GN Matrimony 3852

ഇരട്ട സഹോദരിമാരായ പെന്തെക്കോസ്തു യുവതികൾ (43 / 4'9") ഒരാൾ ബൈബിൾ കോളേജിൽ പഠിച്ച ശേഷം മിഷണറി പ്രവർത്തനം ചെയ്യുന്നു; രണ്ടാമത്തെ സഹോദരി തയ്യൽ ജോലി ചെയ്യുന്നു. അനുയോജ്യമായ വിവാഹാലോചനകൾ ക്ഷണിക്കുന്നു. സുവിശേഷ വേലയിലുള്ളവർക്ക് മുൻഗണന. ഫോൺ: 94479 40497

Pentecostal girl; born & raised in Kuwait; MBA; working in Kuwait / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3850

Syrian Christian Pentecostal parents seeking proposal for their born again and baptized daughter ( 28 / 173 cm, 04-1994) born and raised in Kuwait. Pursued MBA; currently working in Kuwait in a reputed MNC. Seeking suitable proposals from spiritual and professionally qualified boys. +91 97473 95028; 00965 60387527

Pentecostal girl; B Sc Nurse; working in UK / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3849

Syrian Christian Pentacostal parents invite proposal for their daughter (29/164cm, wheatish, Bsc Nurse), working in UK , from Pentecostal parents of professionally well educated born again, God fearing boys (Age: 30-32) working preferably in USA , Canada, Australia & New Zealand . Contact with detailed profile and recent full size pictures to +919495437415.

Pentecostal girl; US Green Card Holder; Software Engineer & Ph D student / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3848

Seeking proposals for Pentecostal girl ( 33 / 5'5" ) born again & baptized. US green card holder. Working as Software engineer & PhD student. Completed bachelor & Master's degree from US. Looking for a born again, baptized, God fearing boys. If interested, contact: +919544389214, +12242100393

Pentecostal girl; MBBS, preparing for USMLE / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3843

Pentecostal parents inviting marriage proposal for their daughter who is born again, baptised ( 28 / 5 feet) MBBS, currently preparing for further studies (USMLE). Seeking proposals from parents of suitable boys who are born again, baptized, spirit filled and professionally qualified, preferably from same field. Ph: 94478 12471 (WhatsApp)

Pentecostal girl; b & b in Dubai; Data Analyst in MNC; residing in Dubai / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3842

Born and brought up in Dubai, UAE and is now permanently working as a Data Analyst in a MNC and is residing in Dubai. She has completed her education and MBA in Dubai and her B Com in Mumbai. She is a Pentecostal (IPC), Baptized, DoB 30.04.1996 / 169 cm). Parents are residing in the UAE for the past 30 years. First preference is UAE. She alongside her parents will be travelling to India in December. If anyone is interested, feel free to CALL & WHATSAPP: 00971504967440

Pentecostal girl; Pharm D; Clinical Pharmacist / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3837

Pentecostal pastor's family (Ministering in Kuwait) invites suitable proposals for their daughter (May 97; 174 cm; fair) Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) working as clinical pharmacist and has one sibling (Doctor). Seeking alliance from parents of God fearing, professionally qualified boys. Contact Numbers:
+91 90724 26887, +91 97478 73561,
+965 9779 1705 (WhatsApp )

പെന്തെക്കോസ്തു യുവതി; M Tech Computer Science; MBC കോളേജിൽ അസി. പ്രൊഫസർ / വരനെ ആവശ്യമുണ്ട് / GN Matrimony 3836

പെന്തെക്കോസ്തു യുവതി (24/2/1996, 165cm) ക്നാനായ പശ്ചാത്തലം. M.Tech. Computer Science, MBC കോളേജിൽ (കുട്ടിക്കാനം) അസിസ്റ്റന്റ് പ്രൊഫസർ ആയി ജോലി ചെയ്യുന്നു. രക്ഷിക്കപ്പെട്ട്, ദൈവഭയമുള്ള നല്ല വിദ്യാഭ്യാസ യോഗ്യതയുള്ള യുവാക്കളുടെ മാതാപിതാക്കളിൽ നിന്നും വിവാഹാലോചനകൾ ക്ഷണിക്കുന്നു. Ph: 99611 48422; 94005 85493

Bretheren; RN Nurse in UK / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3834

Brethren parents invite proposal for their daughter, Widow, (46; DOB 30/05/76; 160 cm) currently working as Registered Nurse in UK. Inviting suitable proposals from born again, baptised people who would like to settile in UK. Contact: 00447423799088

Pentecostal girl from US; raised in Gulf; Pharm D; Pharmacist in US / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 3831

Parents settled in USA inviting proposal for their daughter who was bought up in Gulf (26 / 172cm) and gained a Doctorate of Pharmacy from India. Currently working as a Pharmacist in USA. Seeking proposal from parents of God fearing, spirit -filled, spiritually active, born again, baptized and professionally qualified boys who is settled in USA. Preference will be given for only non ornamental with high Pentecostal values.
Please send details to email :