Groom Wanted

Pentecostal Girl; Physiotherapist (BPT) /Wanted Groom/ GN Matrimony -4662

ചേരമർ ക്രിസ്ത്യൻ പെന്തെക്കോസ്തു യുവതി (28 / DoB- March-1995 / 5' / Physiotherapist (BPT) ). ഡൽഹിയിൽ സ്ഥിരതാമസം. വിദേശത്തേക്ക്  (യൂറോപ്യൻ രാജ്യങ്ങൾ) പോകാൻ പരിശ്രമിക്കുന്നു. ജോലിയോടു കൂടി സുവിശേഷവേലയിലും താല്പര്യമുണ്ട്. അനുയോജ്യമായ വിവാഹാ ലോചനകൾ ക്ഷണിക്കുന്നു.Contact :99687 30123

Pentecostal Girl; MSc Nurse employed in UK ; Wanted Groom/GN Matrimony 4661

An artistocratic family from Thiruvalla, settled in Trivandrum seeks proposals for their daughter, Born again, Baptised & Spiritual ( 34/ 165cm). MSc Nurse employed in UK from Parents of Spiritual and qualified boys employed preferably in UK/USA/ Canada/ Australia.The Boy must be from good family background, having Pentecostal or other Protestant experience. (contact:  9745603040


Pentecostal Girl; MA in Development Studies from UK ; Program Manager with an International NGO in Delhi ; Wanted Groom/GN Matrimony 4660

Pentecostal parents of girl born and brought up outside Kerala , born again, baptized (1989 born / 5'5''/ + MA in Development Studies from UK, presently working as Program Manager with an International NGO in Delhi. Interested in pursuing ministry along with employment. Seek proposals from qualified boys with similar background. Contact : +9194415 84177 (W)

Pentecostal Boy ; Surgical physician assistant in US ; Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 4658

Pentecostal parents settled in the USA invite Proposals for their daughter born in October 1997, 5'1" born and brought up in US , and speak Malayalam fluently. She is working as a surgical physician assistant in US.Seeking alliance from parents of eligible pentecostal boys with recent photographs and full details. (Preferred only from USA or Canada spiritual and qualified boys). Contact

Pentecostal Girl ; USA ; Pursuing Physician Assistant (PA) / GN Matrimony - 4656

Pentecostal parents invite proposals for their daughter (23, 5’1”) who is born again, baptized, Spirit filled, and active in church. She was born and brought up in the USA and is currently pursuing Physician Assistant (PA) program and is expected to graduate on 5/2023. Seeking proposals from God fearing, family oriented, and professionally qualified Pentecostal boys who are born and brought up in the USA. Please contact

Pentecostal girls ; MBA in HR & Finance ; Working as Accounts Executive/ Wanted Groom - 4655

Syrian Christian Pentecostal parents inviting proposals for their daughter (27/158 cm) She has Completed MBA in HR & Finance and working as Accounts Executive in a Pvt Ltd. Company. We are seeking suitable proposals from God fearing, Born Again and Baptized, Well Educated and Working Boy's Parent's Contact No. 9747898224

Pentecostal girl / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 4654

Pentecostal parents invite proposal for their daughter (30/ DOB 03.05.1993 / 172 cm) Seeking suitable alliances from parents of baptized, God fearing boys. Contact:  90740 46130.

Pentecostal girl; Working as Pharmacy Assistant / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 4653

Syrian Christian Pentecostal parents invite proposals for their daughter (27;  DOB 26.02.1996; 150 cm; Differently abled; Degree, Diploma in Hospital Administration) Working as Pharmacy Assistant; Seeking suitable proposals from parents of Pentecostal boys. Contact: 9744817220;   00966551958361

Pentecostal girl; PG; Working in UAE / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 4651

Pentecostal parents in UAE invite proposals for their daughter, born and brought up in North India / UAE (fair, 29, 150cm, non ornament, Post Graduate, currently working in UAE). She is baptized, Holyspirit filled and is a strong believer. Inviting proposals from the parents of born again, baptized, educated, family oriented God fearing boys. Contact +971 503074894 (mobile/whatsapp) ; email:

Pentecostal girl; MTech; Working in US based MNC / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 4649

Syrian Christian Pentecostal parents invite proposals for their born again, baptized daughter (25 / 151 cm) born and brought up in Kerala,  completed her M.Tech (Electronics Engineering) from a National Institute and presently working as Engineer in a U.S based MNC at Bangalore from parents of God fearing baptized spiritually and professionally qualified boys  working abroad or in India.  
Contact: 9995132173, 9495895261.

Pentecostal Girl Canada; Recreation Therapist /Wanted Groom/ GN Matrimony 4646

കാനഡയിൽ ജോലിയുള്ള പെന്തെക്കോസ്തു യുവതി, (28 /155cm, Recreation Therapist). PR ഉണ്ട്. അനുയോജ്യമായ പെന്തെക്കോസ്തു യുവാക്കളുടെ മാതാപിതാക്കളിൽ നിന്നും വിവാഹാലോചനകൾ ക്ഷണിക്കുന്നു. കാനഡയിൽ ഉള്ളവർക്ക് മുൻഗണന. Contact:  8075353872

Pentecostal Girl ; BSC in Speech and Audiology ; Masters in Special Education; Currently working Full-time in Canada ; Wanted Bridegroom/ GN Matrimony 4645 

Pentecostal parents settled in USA inviting proposals for their daughter ( March 1994 /152 cm), fair complexion. She completed BSC in Speech and Audiology from Mangalore, Post grad diploma in Autism and Behavioral Science from Canada, and holds Masters in Special Education. Currently working Full-time in Canada. Seeking proposals from parents of suitable boys who are born again, baptized, and professionally qualified. Preferably from US or Canada. Contact : +1 4072320233

Pentecostal Girl; Assistant Manager in South Indian Bank/ Wanted Groom/ GN Matrimony  4643

Proposals are invited for a Pentecostal girl (B.Com, 29 yrs, 160 cms , Working as Assistant  Manager, South Indian Bank) from parents of born again, baptised, professionally qualified boys. Contact: 8073762569

Pentecostal Girl; Settled in USA; Completed Doctor of Medicine/ Wanted Groom/ GN Matrimony  4642

Pentecostal girl, who is  baptized, Christ centered, and a mission motivated doctor settled in USA. Parents invite proposals for their daughter(26yr, 5 ft) who has completed Doctor of Medicine and currently doing her residency. We are seeking proposals from family of Pentecostal background and a boy who is born again, baptized, spirit filled with a missionary vision, who is also professionally qualified or working preferably in USA/Canada. Contact via email at

Pentecostal girl; BTech; Working / Wanted Groom  / GN Matrimony 4640

Syrian Christian Pentecostal Girl, Born in 1994,  Engineering Graduate, working in Kerala; dedicated for ministry / worship. Seeking proposal preferably from UK/Canada, from parents of Born again, spirit filled, interested in playing worship instruments, having spiritual qualities and  calling for ministry. Send details with photo
87142 91532 (WhatsApp)

Pentecostal Girl; MBA; Sr. Associate - Sales and Marketing/Wanted Groom/ GN Matrimony - 4639

AG pentecostal parent inviting proposal for their daughter Brought up in Wayanad, Kerala (31/ DOB : 29/05/1992/ 164 cm, MBA) working as Sr. Associate - Sales and marketing in MNC Calicut. Seeking proposals from professionally qualified boys. Contact :9745917410.

Pentecostal girl in Australia; BA B Ed / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony  4638

Sydney(Australia) based Christian Pentecostal parents seeking proposals for their daughter, BA BEd, born again baptised (26 years 21.02.1997) Looking for suitable alliance from parents of born again, baptised professionally qualified boys. Interested parents please contact  Mobl: (61) 404178738,  (61) 422200511  


Pentecostal girl; Dentist in Oman / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony  4637

Christian parents prayerfully seeking proposals for their Born-Again, baptised daughter ( DOB 10-06-1995/ 154 cm) non - ornament wearing, brought up in Oman, working as Dentist in Oman; from parents of spirit-filled, God-fearing and professionally qualified boys from outside India preferably Oman. Ph# 00968 92921653, 00968 99626056
WhatsApp: 00968-92921653

Pentecostal girl; B Com; Working in bank / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 4636

Syrian Christian Pentecostal parents invite proposals for their daughter (28 / DOB 31.12.1994 / 168 cm / fair complexion / B Com, (Ecom) working in Bank. Seeking suitable proposals from parents of God fearing, educated Pentecostal boys. Contact:  9363264766, 9751149398.

Pentecostal girl; B Sc MLT; Lab Technician / Wanted Groom / GN Matrimony 4634

Pentecostal parents invite proposal for their daughter (26/155 cm) Fair, B Sc MLT working as a Lab Technician at Kerala, born again, Baptized, no ornaments. Seeking suitable alliances from parents of baptized, God - fearing and professionally qualified boys.  
Contact: 98473 94499.